A Lash Lift may sound like a painful and harrowing experience, but that isn’t the case. Our Yumi Lash Lift is a safe and harmless treatment that curls your lashes for a very long time. It’s ideal for women who have long lashes that hang down, or for any ladies that love that curled lash look. No longer do you have to wake up in the morning and curl your lashes. With our Yumi Lash Lift, every morning is already set.

We hear it from our clients all the time: the upkeep of curling lashes yourself can become tiring. At times you can’t even shower how you want to, or sleep how you want to. Within a week, your self-curled lashes have returned back to normal. With our Yumi Eye Lash treatment, your lashes will be curled to perfection for months. To be exact, the effect of Yumi Lash lift lasts around 8 to 12 weeks, which is the natural life cycle of an eyelash.

Benefits of the Yumi Lash Lift

Unlike Lash Extensions, you don’t have to worry about getting fills, removals, or touch up treatments. There’s no maintenance and no dangerous chemicals. The Yumi Lash Lift is the replacement for false eyelashes, the best way to straighten your lashes and create volume. We use the latest advancements and research to accentuate the natural eyelash to it’s very best. All women want to achieve natural beauty, and with this lash lift, we accentuate your natural beauty to the highest level. Contact us at our Brooklyn, Queens, or Staten Island location to schedule your Yumi Lash Lift today.


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