Carboxy injections – Your actionable plan against cellulite

Lumpy skin areas can be a nightmare for your attractiveness. But it doesn’t mean they should be persistent. The all-natural carboxytherapy treatment is remarkably effective at warding off cellulite, tightening your skin, and minimizing those nagging marks. By infusing CO2 below your skin’s surface, this procedure harnesses the gas power to smooth your orange peel and firm your hips, thighs, and other areas.

Wondering how CO2 can be so transformative for your skin? Get your first treatment at Dolce Aesthetics to see that result with your own eyes.

Why carboxy injections show terrific results

Carbon dioxide is abundant everywhere, as all living organisms produce it. It is the lifeblood of plants when it comes to energy synthesis, while humans and other animals make it as they breathe.

As CO2 enters your tissues, your blood vessels expand, which bodes well for blood circulation. This makes special building blocks appear within your skin to enhance its plumpness while delivering more oxygen to the cells. Fat cells are then shattered in a wink, and the dimpled appearance of cellulite is minimized.

Carboxytherapy effects are both immediate and long-lasting. Right after your session, you can notice your body looks smoother and tighter. Over time, new fibers appear as the foundation for visibly firmer skin with a more even tone and texture. 

This procedure won’t have you locked down at home for half a year. Having carboxytherapy in New York is a matter of 15-20 minutes without any severe redness to endure after the treatment. Fifteen to 20 sessions are enough to see considerably healthier skin in the treated area while new collagen will continue to lift and tighten its natural firmness. 

When to get carboxy skin treatment on Long Island?

Carboxytherapy can roll back years of aging without risks, pain, and scarring. It can be safely applied to the face, abdomen, hips, legs, inner and outer thighs, and jowl area to activate a reaction that diminishes localized fat.

In addition to the effectiveness of carbon therapy for cellulite, you can also have it at Dolce Aesthetics to:

  • Prevent skin sagging
  • Refresh tired eyes and lighten dark under-eye shadows
  • Get prepared for liposuction
  • Enhance blood supply to the transplant area before a hair transplantation
  • Fight early skin cracks

Do you have a specific skin concern? During a consultation at Dolce Aesthetics, your beauty therapist will examine your dermal condition and walk you through the viability of carboxytherapy for your issue. 

Carboxytherapy price

Think of carboxytherapy as something you can get to tighten your skin without expensive lasers or cosmetic surgery. The total carboxy treatment cost depends on the number of appointments scheduled at Dolce Aesthetics. Typically, a notable difference in your skin firmness is visible within 5 to 6 treatments. For moderate to significant skin laxity, most patients should schedule up to 20 procedures.

Stop feeling embarrassed about your body. Contact Dolce Aesthetics for carboxy therapy on Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island or in other NY locations. We can eradicate that orange peel!


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