Many people these days like to have treatment to change their appearance. A popular procedure is to treat the lips so that they look fuller. This gives the illusion that a person is younger as lips get thinner and smaller with age. Making them bigger can make you look and feel younger. This can help you gain confidence and can positively effect your career, relationships, and overall help you have a happier life. Injectables are great and non-surgical way to make lips fuller and give that “just kissed look”.

There are different treatments that you can have in order to get this effect and many different places that offer them. Many people want to avoid having intrusive treatments and this is why injections can be so good. They can also be a much more affordable option and they are often not so permanent. This means that you can find out how the effect looks on you and whether it is something that you want to do more often, rather than a surgical treatment that will be permanent. At Dolce Aesthetics you can have a choice of procedures depending on the look you desire.

  • Juvederm Ultra Plus XC for Lip Augmentation
  • Vollure for Lip Augmentation
  • Volbella for Vertical Lip Lines

Therefore, our lip injections are available in Brooklyn, Glendale and Howard Beach. Our network works for your personal comfort and convenience, so you do not have to plan a long trip just to get one of Dolce Aesthetics procedures.

Jennifer Dilandro is one of the top injectors in the country. People come from all over the United States to have their lips beautified by Jennifer. She has the signature keyhole pout and the BOTOX lip flip.

Juvéderm is probably the most well-known of these procedures. It can be used as a way to fill in lips to get rid of wrinkles and make the lips look fuller. It can also get rid of lines around the lips. Voluma XC is a treatment which is an injectable gel. This is a way to add volume and can be used in different areas of the face such as cheeks, temporal folds, jaw lines, nose and the effects can last for up to two years. For something that lasts for up to a year, you can try Juvéderm. This is also an injectable gel treatment, which can increase volume in the face.

However, if you want something that has effects that are really close to surgery then Radiesse could be for you. This product gives more fullness to cheek bones, jaw lines and a new treatment FDA approved for the hands.

It actually encourages collagen growth in the body, which means that you can get a natural effect. If you have superficial wrinkles then Belotero injections could be the best option for you. It integrates with your own tissues to give a natural look. It helps with vertical lip lines, superficial lines and tear troughs.

Dolce Aesthetics makes sure all its treatments are accessible in every part of Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, so when you seek lip injections with gel in Park Slope or need lip plumbing injections in Dyker Heights, you are guaranteed to get just what you expect and much more. With us, you will be another happy costumer to receive lip injections in Staten Island, Brooklyn or Queens at affordable prices. Many people have already tried these procedures and are quite happy with the results.

It does not matter, which location you choose, you can trust us not only to do a great job but also to carefully advise you as to which treatment best suits you. We understand that the way that your face looks is very important. If you want to look more youthful, then our treatments can improve your confidence and we know that confidence is really important, especially as we age. We know that a cosmetic procedure can be worrying, so we do our best to reassure you by making sure that you choose the right treatment and that we administer it safely and correctly so that you get the best possible results for you. We want each of our clients to feel amazing and that is why we work so hard to do everything we can to make the experience go as smoothly as possible.


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