At Dolce Aesthetics, we believe you should feel good about your body – and that includes every inch of your skin! Whether summer is approaching and you want to show some leg, or even if you just want to feel confident and rejuvenated in your naturally beautiful skin, a vacuum buttock lift – also known as butt cupping therapy – can help you feel and look great, no matter what.

Beautiful Inside and Out: What is Butt Cupping Therapy?

Butt cupping therapy utilizes negative pressure, or suction, to stimulate the buttock tissue. Through the progression of the treatment, connective tissue in the butt and upper legs are released, loosened, and lifted with the aid of cupping tools that contour and adjust the skin and muscles.

Rejuvenated Skin for a Healthy Glow: What Are the Benefits of Butt Cupping in NYC?

When administered to other parts of the body, cupping can have excellent systemic effects, helping with conditions like inflammation and toxicity.

For the butt, this treatment promotes better blood circulation, flushes out toxins, and can improve the appearance of cellulite. As a result, the skin looks healthier, firmer, smoother, and toned. Not only will your butt look better, but you’ll feel better, too, after exposing your buttocks to a vacuum in Brooklyn, Queens or on Long Island with Dolce Aesthetics.

You, But Better: What to Expect During Butt Vacuum Therapy in NYC?

You may feel a slight pinch or tension during the treatment. This is a quick, non-surgical treatment – no needles or anesthesia needed! You’ll start to see results within 45 minutes of undergoing butt lift cupping at our Brooklyn, Queens or Long Island clinic. For the best results, we recommend 8 weekly sessions, followed by one session per month, to maintain the benefits of this treatment.

A Dolce Aesthetics specialist will keep you posted on how to prepare for cupping therapy for buttocks at one of our 4 clinics. It does not take a lot to look better!


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