Wood therapy is a body contrived technique that implicates a various number of wooden massage-like tools which are used to help break down the fat and cellulite in the area. These wooden tools are incorporated to implement pressure which in turn, eliminates the problematic area. The usage of the wooden objects intensifies and enhances the breakdown of the fat and the cellulitis areas which helps to drain out the toxins lymphatically.

What is Wood Therapy and how it works

The technique for the procedure employs a series of repetitive motions formulated using multiple different wooden objects. The motions and particularly shaped objects help to manipulate the targeted area which then leads to the form lymphatic draining. Lymphatic draining is basically a term for the body’s release of its stored toxins. With the release of these toxins, it will then activate a person’s metabolism to burn the fat. It is a domino effect.

The massage is a completely safe, natural and holistic massage. You will need to do several treatments a week over the course of a few months’ time. Ideally you need at least 10 -12 sessions to see a big result. Contact us at our Brooklyn or Queens location to know more.

Does Wood Therapy work?

Just as everything else, it depends on each person individually. Each person’s body has a different response to certain treatments and therapies as opposed to another. It depends mostly on your lifestyle, diet, age, weight and genetics that play a big role in your results. However, it also depends on consistency and commitment to the treatment. You are responsible for maintaining your results.

What are the benefits of Wood Therapy?

This treatment has a handful of amazing benefits:

  • Great part of a workout routine
  • Helps with self-care
  • Loosens the tight muscles
  • Breaks down fat and cellulite
  • Gradually facilitates body sculpting and toning
  • Naturally breaks down the toxins in your body
  • Helps to speed up your metabolism
  • Stimulates blood circulation and prompts lymphatic drainage

How long does it take to see results?

The results are determined by the dedication and commitment of the client. You will notice gradual changes in the initial few sessions and then after the 4th or 5th session you will notice a more drastic difference, but everyone’s case and circumstance are different. The results primarily depend on the person. You must maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet in order to see the best results.


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