Put your best face forward and feel confident and refreshed with laser skin renewal treatments! We know you’ll feel as radiant as you look after this treatment. 

Face First: What is Laser Skin Resurfacing? 

This technology provides clear results and beautiful looking skin through pulses of light energy delivered deep into the skin. The laser targets unwanted pigmentation while stimulating collagen production. This treatment can help clear up or lessen the visible effects of sun damage, brown spots and wrinkles, making your skin look brighter, renewed, and younger. 

Get the Glow: What are the benefits of laser skin resurfacing? 

As you age, sun exposure, acne, and the effects of chemicals or facial products impact the appearance and health of your skin. Especially since the skin is more delicate, your face is prone to scarring, fine wrinkles, or spots that can be stubborn and difficult to smooth out. 

Removing the skin layer by layer with a laser resurfacing treatment, helps reveal fresh, glowing skin that forms from the new cells produced as your skin heals. The result is radiance! 

What to expect from laser resurfacing treatment? 

This outpatient treatment is done right in our office by our trained professionals and takes about 30-45 minutes to complete for targeted areas. Plan to spend about two hours for a full face treatment. 

When you go home, treat your new skin gently! Side effects may include: 

  • Minor, temporary swelling, especially around the eyes 
  • Itching or stinging 12-72 hours after treatment 
  • Lighter and more sun sensitive skin
  • Dryness and peeling 5-7 days after treatment 
  • Redness

Full healing may take 10-21 days, so be diligent about keeping your skin clean to avoid infection. Apply prescribed ointments for best healing and to avoid scabs and scarring, keep it bandaged if necessary, and always wear sunscreen!


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