Is there something that prevents you from smiling at your reflection because of loose and sagging skin? Is your face covered with fine lines and wrinkles you would be happy to erase? Winning the genetic lottery is no longer the only way to look younger. For that, you can now get Juvéderm Vollure on Long Island with Dolce Aesthetics.

This FDA-approved dermal filler comes from Allergan to expand the brand’s solutions for severe wrinkles and nose-to-mouth lines. Vollure is HA-infused and proven to restore skin elasticity and moisture in one day, whether administered alone or in combination with other Allergan products.

How to know whether having Juvéderm Vollure in NYC is for you?

Time speeds up once you reach the age of majority. And that’s when you face a hard decision: whether you should put up with your sunken cheeks and deeply etched lines or correct all your skin imperfections with Vollure dermal fillers on Long Island. These Juvéderm injections offer instantaneous visual improvements, and the right choice couldn’t be more obvious.

Vollure fillers allow for nourishing your skin with nutrients and cushioning your hollow cheeks. As a result, folds and facial lines are softened, while flattened areas look plumped up.

The process of administering Vollure injections is minimally invasive, so you’ll see the results without surgery. If you are freaking out over pain, you shouldn’t. As this filler comes with lidocaine mixed in, you won’t feel any unpleasant sensations.

Juvéderm Vollure is your top choice for:

  • Getting rid of marionette lines
  • Augmenting your chin zone
  • Reducing wrinkles
  • Restoring the natural plushness of your skin

Once the Vollure filler is injected, you can enjoy the natural-looking result for up to 18 months. The cost of Vollure fillers in Brooklyn NYC is often determined by the amount of product you need.

How many Juvederm Vollure Injections should I get?

There’s been many cases where celebrities take plastic surgery too far, so this concern is definitely warranted. The honest truth about this is that it’s difficult to get that overdone look. Celebrities get that look because it’s what they actually want. Most people go for something more balanced. No matter what your preference, Vollure injections New York are a great way to achieve your best look.

Are there any side effects?

There’s a common side effect with filler treatments, that being swelling and bruising. Vollure filler injections are no different, you can get some minor redness along with the bruising. You can take some precautionary measure to decrease bruising by not drinking alcohol before the treatment. Alcohol thins the blood in your system, which can make bruising more prevalent. Still, the side effects subside quickly, a couple of days at most.

How long is the recovery time?

For the vast majority of patients, there is virtually no downtime after Juvederm Vollure injections in NYC. Once you leave Dolce Aesthetics, you can go back to your normal day routine. As mentioned before, there is a chance of some bruising and swelling. Even in the off chance this happens, it will subside quickly. The worse case of swelling we’ve seen from Vollure injections in Queens NYC lasted less than 2 days. The cost of Vollure injections are lower than you think and the benefits are priceless. Schedule your appointment today!


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