Are you looking for a way to revitalize your appearance without plastic surgery? The Vampire Facial has been used by many celebrities to do just that. This skin treatment uses the power of your own body to restore that healthy collagen growth in your skin, and bring out a bright vibrant glow that’ll make you look like a brand new person. The “Vampire Facial” term comes from that typical movie trope of a vampire using blood to keep themselves looking young. With a special treatment the protein and nutrients in the plasma of your blood cells can be used to stimulate cell growth, improve pores, fine lines, and more!

Vampire Facial Benefits

The Vampire Facial improves many signs of aging in the face and the body.
Some of the areas that have been improved are:

  • Forehead Wrinkles
  • Bags under the Eyes
  • Acne scars on the face
  • Smile Lines
  • Stretch Marks in many areas

How does the procedure work?

We start off with drawing blood from your vein, typically around 2 teaspoons. The blood is then placed in a centrifuge which spins the vial to separate your platelets from the red blood cells, creating the concentration of healthy nutrients and protein with your plasma. During this process, your skin is cleansed and we apply some numbing to the area. Our micro-needle device is then used, creating tiny needle wounds in the skin that activate the build-up of collagen beneath the skin. Once this is finished, we’ve activated the collagen of your skin with the needle stimulation, creating the perfect spot for applying the plasma.

Our Plasma Concentration will be finished and ready to treat the area. We re-needle the plasma back into the skin, which stimulates stem cells that are already in the skin. What then occurs is that your body is deceived into believing that the skin surface is damaged, which forces it to speed up the healing process and creation of new tissue. Lines, scars and wrinkles are plumping up by this accelerating of your body’s natural healing ability. You may have some slight swelling and redness for a couple of days, but most patients will be completely healed from this treatment after 24 hours.

When can I see results, and how long do the effects last?

Many Plasma treatments show a step-by-step progression of improvement over time, and the Vampire Facial is no different. In the weeks to come, the texture, color, and tone of your skin will dramatically improve. Many of our patients achieve the desired results after one treatment, but others require more than one treatment. For Scars or Stretch Marks, multiple treatments may be necessary to achieve the best results. The Vampire facial does not stop the aging process, but you will be surprised by just how much it can turn back the clock.

Are there any risks?

The only risk in this treatment is some temporary minor bruising. There can be some slight discomfort from the blood draw and micro-needling, but the treatment is incredibly safe. It’s your body’s own blood that’s being recycled and used. We make absolutely sure that the procedure is done in a safe manner so that you receive no real risk whatsoever. You can rest assured and feel safe in our hands! Our Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island locations are always available to answer any questions you have. Contact us today if you need more information or want to book an appointment.


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