Non-surgical rhinoplasty: Nose flaws are gone in the least invasive way

Are you afraid the perfect nose job is just wishful thinking without all those cuts and scarring? No need to worry; your wish can be granted with a filler nose job. This new, surgery-free nose correction treatment is sure to dispel any knife-related fears.

Our method of non-surgical intervention allows for correcting minor nose defects like dimples or slight asymmetry.

Nose procedure without surgery at a glance

Compared to standard rhinoplasty, this non-surgical alternative is not invasive. Filler injections are used to correct rather than risky incisions. With a filler nose job, you avoid painful corrections and get to enjoy immediate results!

To fully enjoy the results, however, you don’t want just anyone in charge of your filler nose job. You want it to be performed by someone with a proven track record. Dolce Aesthetics has been doing non-surgical nose jobs in NYC with excellence for many years and is often referred to as New York’s place of choice for nose and appearance improvements.

Non-surgical nose reshaping is suitable for both women and men dissatisfied with the appearance of their nose and appearance flaws like:

  • Facial asymmetry
  • Humps
  • Dropped tip 
  • Other imperfections

Please note that a filler job can only fix cosmetic defects. If your nose is injured, surgery is usually necessary. So, if you’re considering a non-surgical nose lift procedure on Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Glendale, Howard Beach, or any of the surrounding areas and are unsure whether it is right for you, speaking with one of Dolce Aesthetics’s experts is the first thing to do. 

Benefits of non-surgical rhinoplasty

Nose correction delivered by fillers is touted for:

  • No side effects. If you have no contraindications to substances used as part of this treatment, no side effects should be expected.
  • No weeks of recovery time. Since no surgery or cuts are involved, your nose only needs one day to look beautiful.
  • No restrictions. Some restrictions should be kept in mind after getting injections, but they are short-term and non-critical. Avoiding exposure to high temperatures for two weeks may apply to your treatment.
  • Instant results. No need to wait for weeks. Your nose is immediately transformed as injections begin to work.
  • Cheaper than surgery. Rhinoplasty is expensive. If you only need to fix minor flaws, a non-surgical option is way more affordable without compromising the result.

The only caveat of this non-surgical treatment is that you will need to get repeat injections. Still, on average, one session maintains the result for several months to a year.

Get it done with Dolce Aesthetics

When planning a non-surgical nose job on Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Glendale, Howard Beach, or any of the surrounding areas, you should also consider the qualifications of those who will give you injections. To avoid “unexpected fixes” and post-procedure complications, get it done with Dolce Aesthetics:

  • Licensed healthcare and aesthetics specialists
  • Quality fillers and tools
  • Post-procedure care and advice

For this treatment, we rely on Radiesse, a filler of choice for nose reshaping. However, we can also perform it with Voluma, Juvederm, and other HA options.

To get updated on the price for non-surgical rhinoplasty at Dolce Aesthetics and view available sessions, contact us and we’ll follow up shortly with next steps!


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