Laser treatment is a very effective method to deal with signs of aging. Wrinkles and loose skin eventually happen to all of us, especially on the neck. Laser technology has continued to make great strides in tightening wrinkles and loose skin. We can say with confidence that you have more choices now to deal with skin problems, than you did not too long ago. If you’re looking to tighten the skin on your neck, we have the treatment for you.

Is Neck Tightening for you?

Skin tightening with a laser is appropriate for men and women of all skin types. This treatment is for those who desire proven results without dealing with long recovery times from surgeries that are often painful. Our most successful patients will experience permanent results as their skin is regenerated. The collagen under the skin regenerates, creating a more youthful complexion. The neck tightening procedure has been proven to be effective.

30 to 60 years of age is the ideal for laser treatment. If you’re in good health, laser skin tightening is proven to repair loose facial skin and reduce wrinkles on the body, especially the neck. It’s an effective, minimally invasive option with minimal side effects. Side effects are temporary, and can include skin sensitivity. You may feel some slight warmth or stings on the treated area. There may also be bruising, but all these side effects resolve quickly. Contact our Brooklyn, Queens, or Long Island location to book an appointment today!


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