Juvéderm® is the only HA filler with FDA approval to last up to one year.* Juvéderm® is a next-generation smooth consistency gel dermal filler that helps to instantly restore your skin’s volume and smooth away facial wrinkles and smile lines. Juvéderm® comes in two formulations “Juvéderm® Ultra and Juvéderm® Ultra Plus.

Having a Juvéderm new york treatment can truly make a difference. It can boost your confidence and make you appear younger. A small, simple procedure can improve your look and change the way you feel about yourself. Located in Queens and Brooklyn, we are easily accessible from many areas including Queens, Forest Hills, Howard Beach, Elmhurst, Glendale, Middle Village, Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights and a number of other neighborhoods. You can conveniently get to either of our two locations. It is so easy to book an appointment. Any procedure is simple and quick.

What is Juvederm?

Juvederm facial fillers are used to fill in depressions, lines, and wrinkles on your face, specifically in the areas around the mouth and nose. It restores the health of your face and makes you look younger and vibrant. The volume of collagen in your skin is restored and refreshed. You’ll be surprised at just how greatly this will restore your natural beauty. The treatment is instant and painless, you can trust our Juvederm treatment nyc to work for you.  

Is Juvederm for me?

Juvederm dermal fillers are one of the most popular ways for treating wrinkles and lines around your mouth and nose. However, Juvederm works specifically on static wrinkles. Static wrinkles are formed from environmental damage from sun rays, or a lack of collagen. Dynamic wrinkles are not for Juvederm. Dynamic wrinkles are things like Crow’s feet and forehead lines, for these kind of wrinkles you would want Botox instead.

How does Juvederm work?

As we age past our teens and enter our twenties, your body begins losing collagen every year. By the time you’re in your forties, your body’s collagen is around 20 percent lower than it was in adolescence. This is the reason why the skin of older people begins to slowly fill with wrinkles. Collagen is the go to protein for maintaining the structure of our skin at its most pure form. You have the ability to get rid of those wrinkles and lines with Juvederm specials nyc.

However, we do not rush our any of our services. If you have questions or things to discuss then this will take place either before or during the procedure so that all clients feel at ease with what is being done. We pride ourselves in having great customer service and always accommodate our clients. Our procedures use high standard equipment and products to leave you with amazing results.

The filler that we use can last up to a year in some cases and increases the skins volume so that wrinkles are smoothed away. Looking at our Before and After pictures will give you an idea on what a difference it has made for others. Imagine what difference it will make for you! With FDA approval you can trust that this product will be of a fantastic quality and will guarantee stunning results. If this is the treatment for you, book an appointment with us today. We recommend:

  • Juvéderm Ultra Plus XC for Lip Augmentation
  • Volbella for Vertical Lip Lines
  • Belotero Lips, Vertical Lip Lines

We aim to provide all interested New Yorkers with high quality treatment. Therefore, our lip injections are available in Bay Ridge and other parts of Brooklyn, Staten Island and Queens. Our network works for your personal comfort and convenience, so you do not have to plan a long trip just to get one of Dolce Aesthetics procedures.


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