Ever wondered why your face looks droopy as you age? It’s a collagen deficiency that is to blame. You naturally lose this protein as you get along in years, but many collagen killers can make matters even worse. Think sun exposure and smoking that result in a more severe deficiency. And when your collagen drops, it can no longer maintain that firmness. Your face gets covered in folds and lines that Juvederm dermal fillers work best for.

Juvederm injections can’t prevent the aging process. Yet, they can help make up for your collagen deficiency, bringing plumpness back to your cheeks, lips, and mouth areas.

How can Juvederm facial fillers do that?

Juvederm fillers use a modified version of hyaluronic acid (HA) that allows for increased collagen production. They literally “fill in” your facial furrows and creases to give you a refreshed look. When your HA and collagen levels are back to their all-time high, your sagging areas are lifted while your wrinkles are smoothed away.

At Dolce Aesthetics, we provide FDA-approved Juvederm treatments in Brooklyn NYC. Their results are guaranteed and can be seen as soon as the filler is injected into your skin.

Why choose us to have Juvederm in New York?

If you’re unsure of where you should get fillers, let us help you decide. By having Juvederm on Long Island with Dolce Aesthetics, you will enjoy:

  • Instant results. Are you looking to eliminate nasolabial folds, marionette lines, or other static wrinkles? Want to make your cheeks chubby again? It will take us a matter of minutes to administer a Juvederm injection, with improvements being visible straight away. And they will beautify your face for up to one year.
  • In-office treatments. Come by one of our locations, get a shot, and go about your day. We’ve been giving Juvederm injections in NYC for years and have mastered the procedure. Plus, Dolce Aesthetics is conveniently located so that you can quickly get to the nearest facility.
  • A variety of Juvederm products. Besides improving the appearance of static wrinkles and saggy cheeks, these fillers can be used for thinning lips. For this, we offer Juvederm Ultra XC injections. They can add plumpness to your gorgeous lips as part of a non-surgical procedure. And if you need to remove smoker’s lines, Juvederm Volbella XC is also available.
  • Patient-centered care. You visit Dolce Aesthetics not only to get Juvederm in NYC. You want the results that you will be satisfied with. That is why we pay heed to our patients’ needs and work out an individual treatment plan for everyone receiving Juvederm injections on Long Island.
  • Cost. The prices for dermal fillers vary from clinic to clinic and are calculated per syringe. But no facility can match those at Dolce Aesthetics as our Juvederm specials in Queens NYC make all the difference.

The Juvederm injection procedure is pain-free, whether it’s for lip augmentation or wrinkle removal. The filler itself contains lidocaine, but we will also apply a topical anesthetic to ensure your comfort.

Make your appearance plumper by having Juvederm fillers on Long Island!


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