If you want to maintain healthy function and improve skin tone and texture, you should talk to your medical professional to determine which peel system is right for your skin conditions.

The peel is applied topically, by trained and skilled skin professionals. The entire procedure is about 15 minutes. You will feel a slight tingling and heat sensation for a few minutes which subsides after STEP 4 application (All-trans-Retinol Complex).

The skin peeling, associated with The Perfect 10 Peel, is light to moderate, yet sustained and visible. Peeling generally starts 2-3 days after the treatment, and your skin should take about 7-10 days to completely peel and heal. You can start the antioxidant moisturizer the evening of the peel and continue until peeling is completed.

Expected Results:

  • Smoother and softer texture
  • Improved tone
  • Youthful, radiant look
  • Diminished appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and pore size
  • Increased skin radiance and luminosity
  • Reduction in the appearance of dark spots
  • Unclogged pores

The Perfect 10 Peel’s results will last as long as your skin is maintained with a proper Skin Care Regimen. The Perfect 10 Peel can be performed monthly or as determined by you and your skin care professional.


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