Looking for a flawless complexion? Want to have that Porcelain Doll look? On top of that, a treatment with no pain or downtime? It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. The Carbon Laser Facial will bring your face to perfection quickly and painlessly.

The idea of a Carbon Laser treatment immediately conjures up painful images, but we can assure you that the treatment is gentle and completely painless. Our treatment will reduce minor imperfections on your skin including poor skin tone, enlarged pores, and will reduce signs of age. It is beneficial for oily skin, and acne as well. Finally it is a fantastic way to exfoliate and refresh the skin, providing a rejuvenated appearance and leaving skin feeling softer, and firmer.

Benefits of Carbon Laser Facial

The first benefit of Carbon is how it cleanses your skin. Carbon absorbs oils and contaminants within the pores of your skin. The laser passes over the treatment area and destroys carbon particles, including the absorbed material. Laser light is incredibly attracted to the carbon particles. After the carbon is destroyed, it takes every absorbed material with it, including dead skin cells along with contaminants.

The second benefit is Exfoliation. As the carbon is targeted by our laser, it blasts away those blackheads and dead skin cells, effectively exfoliating the skin. The final result of this is softer, vibrant skin. Your skin tone is also improved and your pore size is reduced. Your skin will be completely refreshed and have you feeling brand new.

The third benefit is Rejuvenation. Carbon Laser Peels target the deepest layers of the skin, which stimulates collagen production. This unlocks a wide variety of beneficial effects, and produces firmer skin. The wrinkles and fine lines on your face will be reduced, and your skin will feel tighter. We’ve had clients that were absolutely glowing after our laser therapy, and there’s no doubt that this could be you.

The final benefit is Acne and Oil Removal. The Carbon Laser Facial Treatment produces heat that has 2 big benefits. It reduces bacteria responsible for Acne, which reduces the outbreak of pimples. It also shrinks oil producing glans, which slows oil production on your face. This reduces congestion in your pores, and stops those blemishes from appearing on your face.

Day of Treatment and Downtime

For the day of treatment, you will need to remove make up and moisturizers. Numbing cream can be applied before the treatment, if requested, but it’s not necessary. The treatment is completely pain free so you have nothing to worry about. Downtime is non-existent; you can return to your normal day straight after treatment. The only caveat being if you’re doing any outdoor activities, you will need to use a specific sunblock. Contact our Brooklyn, Queens or Long Island location to book an appointment today!

Further Treatments and Side Effects

Everyone is different, so the number of sessions or treatments varies upon each client. These treatments can take anywhere between a week or a month apart. After the initial consultation, we will be able to pinpoint the recommended amount of treatments  you need. As for side effects, your skin could appear slightly red after treatment but this disappears within a couple of hours.

Life can be busy and time spent on yourself can sometimes be thrown out the window. Everyone wants radiant skin, but you may not have the hours in the day to perfect your skin. If this describes how you feel, then this treatment is perfect for you and we’re here to help. Take the initial step and contact us today so we can discuss the procedure in detail. The Carbon laser facial price is minimal, and the benefits to your skin are priceless.


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