If your face is full of more and more creases over the years, you may find yourself freaking out about your looks. And it’s okay. There is not one person who enjoys getting older for the fact of the physical changes that it brings. Although the aging process is natural, we all hate when our youthfulness is depleted. Dolce Aesthetics can replenish your reservoir. Once at our New York Botox clinic, you can get injections with botulinum toxin and rid yourself of those unattractive wrinkles.

Botox injections are often the most effective anti-wrinkle treatment, whether you’re a young lady in your early 30s or a man in your late 50s. We only need 10 minutes to give a shot into your facial muscles. There’s no recovery time so that you can keep going.

What wrinkles can Botox treatments help with?

As it’s a neurotoxin, Botox interferes with nerve signals. It blocks them when injected into your facial skin, which relaxes your muscles. That means they can’t contract anymore, making the treated area look smooth even if you crease your face.

Botox treatments even out the wrinkled skin that have appeared due to repetitive facial movements. Apparently, years of smiling and scowling leave their mark on your face. Their signs are called dynamic wrinkles that include:

  • smile lines
  • glabellar lines
  • forehead creases
  • crow’s feet

If your look is marred by any of these wrinkles, choose Dolce Aesthetics to get Botox in any of our four convenient NY locations. We provide FDA-approved treatments that have no side effects. The results last for 3-4 months, but injections can be repeated in any one of our offices when you are due for your next treatment.

Hyperhidrosis Botox treatment in NYC

Botox is not only about wrinkle removal. It has many other uses as well, and focal hyperhidrosis treatment is one of them. If you sweat so heavily that you feel embarrassed or hard-pressed to do your daily chores, you should definitely consider getting Botox in one of our four locations.

When antiperspirants are useless, your doctor may advise you on an alternative procedure with the neurotoxin. You can receive this treatment at our Botox clinics in Queens, Brooklyn & Long Island. Botulinum toxin injections prevent your nerve signals from stimulating sweat production when there’s no reason to do that. That’s how this treatment may stop your condition from disrupting your life.

Botox jawline enhancement

Have you always dreamed of a V-shaped face? Jaw reduction surgery has many pitfalls, such as unnatural results and long days in a recovery room. But now, you can also choose a non-invasive way to slim your face.

You can get Botox injections on Long Island to relax your masseter for a slimmer-looking jawline. This procedure is a decent option if your face shape is square and if shaving the bone is not for you. Botox makes your masseter smaller, contouring your face to the desired shape with no incisions.

Are you interested in botulinum toxin shots for wrinkles, hyperhidrosis, or jawline enhancement? Contact us for more details on how much Botox injections cost at Dolce Aesthetics. The number of treatments may vary depending on the area you want to improve. With our Botox specials in New York, however, they are always more than affordable!


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