Dolce Aesthetics NY, just as everybody else, is taking to COVID-19 very seriously. As a trusted leader in the Aesthetics community, we are taking the appropriate precautionary measures to ensure your safety at our facilities. We want our patients to feel reassured, so your experience is a comfortable one.

Please read and follow our guidelines:

o Have you had a cough?
o Have you had a fever?
o Have you been sick over the last 14 days?
o Have you exhibited symptoms within the last 14 day?
o Are you living with anyone who is sick or has been quarantined?
o Have you been tested for COVID-19 or Antibody tested?

At Dolce Aesthetics NY, our main goal is always service excellence. We are looking forward to seeing you all when we reopen.


We are a medical spa specializing in service that make you look your best regardless of your age.

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