Erase cellulite with Qwo injections in NYC

Got an orange-peel look on your buttocks? No, this doesn’t mean you’ve been doing squats wrong all this time. Cellulite isn’t your punishment for not being active enough. Most dimples occur for unexplained reasons. But there’s now a solution that can eliminate them without surgery: Qwo for cellulite reduction in New York.

Qwo is the newest cellulite treatment given as an injection. It works best for butt dimples but can also be used on the thighs. FDA approval of Qwo has been hitting the headlines lately because this injectable is the only cellulite medicine that has officially met all FDA standards to be applied for cosmetic purposes.

At Dolce Aesthetics, we’ve brought Qwo to the table once it’s been approved to provide the most dramatic results for your bumpy skin. Consider receiving just a few injections for fast cellulite removal on Long Island!

What makes Qwo cellulite treatment your best choice?

Qwo is a cellulite killer that doesn’t involve the risks of alternative therapies or unproven home remedies. Its effects are FDA-approved, and it has very few exclusion criteria. In other words, Qwo is ideal for almost everyone, except those who may be allergic to the medicine or have infections.

Butt and leg cellulite treatment with Qwo has many advantages over other therapy options:

  • Qwo has nothing to do with surgery or laser therapy.
  • It improves the appearance of the dimpled areas and gives them a younger-looking shape.
  • It only takes 10 minutes to inject Qwo in the buttocks.
  • The results are visible once the butt cellulite reduction treatment is complete and may last for years.
  • When the effects wear off, you can undergo another Qwo procedure on Long Island with Dolce Aesthetics.
  • The treatment involves no downtime, meaning you can leave once you receive the injections.

How can all this be possible?

The revolutionary effects of Qwo are tied to the drug’s ingredients. It contains two enzyme types that take an ax to the enlarged fat cells accumulated in the treated areas by freeing fibrous cords. These enzymes stop the cords from pulling down and making your skin look like an orange peel.

On the other hand, the non-surgical cellulite reduction treatment with Qwo results in a younger-looking backside as the drug boosts the production of new collagen. It has excellent smoothing and contouring properties while targeting the arrangement of fat cells in the dimpled skin.

The cost of Qwo in New York

Severe dimples may cost more to even out with Qwo than moderate cellulite. That’s why it’s crucial to determine the areas to be treated and how many injections you need in each buttock.

This is what we’ll do once you drop by Dolce Aesthetics in Brooklyn or Queens. We’ll discuss your treatment needs, clue you in on Qwo pricing for your aesthetic problem, and schedule your Qwo sessions.

Please note: Qwo is given as injections, but not all at once. If you want to try it, you’ll need to visit Dolce Aesthetics three times to receive Qwo treatment for cellulite on Long Island, once every three weeks. This will help ensure lasting results so that you can flaunt your assets in a cellulite-free way for years.


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