Photogenesis is a laser that targets skin discoloration. It’s specifically a series of pulsing light treatments that improve the appearance of damaged skin and age spots. There are many other things that can be improved with this treatment, including healing acne scars, shrinking pores, and reducing dark circles around the eyes. Multiple treatments will yield the best results, but around 2 will make a big difference. If you have an area that refuses to improve, additional treatments will eventually change that stubborn spot.

What specific areas do you treat with Photogenesis?

Photogenesis is used on any sun damaged area on the body. Your face can be treated with no issues. If you have skin issues and you’re questioning whether you need this procedure, then you likely are a good candidate. Anyone with freckled or discolored skin will see improvements from Photogenesis. Poor skin texture also will be healed to a much stronger and healthy state.

The best thing about Photogenesis is that it’s a safe and easy procedure, with minimal downtime. It’s a non-invasive gentle treatment that is focused on rejuvenating your skin. There are virtually no side effects, and the vast majority of patients have great results. If you have any history of sun exposure, there is a possible risk of burns that will resolve quickly. Please let us know so you don’t have to go through this discomfort.

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