Professional eyelash extensions for an amazing look

We all want an expressive and charming look that catches people’s attention. Emphasize the beauty of your eyes with a lash extension procedure at Dolce Aesthetics for a thicker and more accentuated shape of your eyelashes, opening the windows of the soul in a way that is hard to resist.

The need to regularly tint your eyelashes adds some inconveniences to your routine. However, by getting eyelash extensions in New York you will find a solution to not only give character to your eyes but also save you time every day.

In order for your eyelashes to look more pronounced and attractive, the extension procedure should be performed with great care. That’s why only a professional should get it done for you. Whether you’re visiting our Oceanside location for professional eyelash extensions on Long Island, our city location for lash extensions in Brooklyn, NY. or one of our other locations conveniently located around New York, we are here to help bring the most out of your amazing look.

Our eyelash extension deals in NYC

Dolce Aesthetics has been performing extension procedures for many years. Your new look will be achieved by a qualified specialist who has received the appropriate training and offers a welcoming smile with everything you need to feel more comfortable at our office.

There are many eyelash extension methods, so we encourage you to contact our aesthetics specialist for advice on what suits your personal goals. Your best option may be selected based on what issue you want to tackle with the procedure:

  • Incomplete volume. This method is suitable for eyelash correction and involves several artificial lash extensions.
  • Full volume. Enjoy the classic fullness option, with one artificial eyelash glued to a natural one.
  • Volume 2D and 3D. Take it further with two or three artificial eyelashes per natural eyelash.
  • Hollywood volume. This involves sticking 5-10 artificial hairs on one eyelash.

The effects of having lash extensions are also varied:

  • Natural. This technique is considered classic as it allows you to get eyelashes that look as close to natural hairs as possible. With this method, eye shape correction is second to none.
  • Rays. It is a combination of eyelashes of different lengths. We will use a mix of short and long hairs for a pronounced look.
  • Fox effect. This is the second most popular option, giving your eyes a sultry and gorgeous look.

Besides these options, Dolce Aesthetics is excited to invite beauty seekers to elevate their looks with LATISSE treatment. This allows you to grow new eyelashes that are jaw-dropping by all standards. Receiving this treatment doesn’t take a lot of time, and the thick and curling eyelashes are worth it.

Breathe new life into your eyes

If you are interested in eyelash extensions on Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Glendale, Howard Beach, or any of the surrounding areas and can’t wait to show off your renewed eyes, we are ready to make your LATISSE treatment complete with:

  • Expected volume and eyelash effect results
  • Consultation at all treatment stages
  • Genuine LATISSE products

This is our mission and our passion here at Dolce Aesthetics. Every treatment is provided with all responsibility and unshakeable dedication. For eyelash extension costs and procedure preparation criteria, contact us.


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