Chin augmentation with Voluma XC. A number of patients desire improvement in the appearance of a poorly defined, underprojected chin. A strong chin can help add definition and balance to the other facial features. For patients who desire a non-surgical solution or are interested in seeing potential results before undergoing surgery, chin augmentation with filler is an excellent option.

There is an art to a liquid chin augmentation. The injector must understand not only the anatomy of the chin, but also the three-dimensional contours presented by the soft tissues and underlying skeletal framework. The chin is one of defining features of the face, giving shape to the face, and neck as well. Fortunately, a natural chin enhancement can help to return the chin to a more youthful state without looking ‘fake’ or unnatural. Juvederm Voluma or Juve’derm will be used Depending on the patient’s desires and their facial features. We will select a treatment plan to create a well-defined chin.


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